ZHEJIANG BORETECH CO., LTD. are environmental equipment & plastic recycling enterprise which comes from Taiwan with 20 years experience for PET bottle,and other waste plastic recycle and 15 years experience for polyester staple fiber. Our plentiful manufacturing experience has become our prime backbone in waste plastic recycling plan, design and produce. Especially in PET bottle field, we provide not only whole recycling line or single machine but also operate manufacturing and sales in various kinds of recycled PET material and their upper and lower reaches practically. With those outstanding conditions, the equipment and project provided by us are verified by actual operation and the spirit of design is conform to operator's demand perfectly.
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Products support:
- PET Bottle Recycling System
- HDPE/LDPE Washing Line
- Completed Solution of Bottle to Fiber
- Bottle Pre-washing Machine
- PVC Label Scrapping Machine
- Crusher
- Horizontal Dryer
- Optical Sorter